Classic boy meets girl, boy leaves for Disney World, girl leaves for Berlin, boy comes back, girl leaves for North Carolina...for the first 8 months of their relationship.

They got set up for a sorority date party. Andrew avoided Greek life like it was the plague, so he initially rejected the offer. He eventually accepted because, let's face it, Andrew needed to get out for once. And mostly because the girl he was going with was a 10/10. Emily and Andrew awkwardly exchanged small talk that night, performed PG-rated dance moves with occasional hand-holding, and newly-turned-21-year-old Andrew tried not to wince every time he took a sip of a Budlight Platinum Emily got for him. After a few hours, and half of a Budlight Platinum later, Andrew and Emily were no longer dancing, but instead found a quiet spot in the bar, and talked. They talked about their belief in Jesus, and Andrew got a little slice of the woman of God he was going to marry that day.